THRASHMETALGAMER Music Playlist Update!!

I’m adding more music and replacing a few older ones! If you haven’t checked out my mammoth playlist of thrash metal and video gaming music…what are you waiting for??


  • "Amy" by Absu (I tore my room apart moshing to the intro & outro)
  • "Slaves of Pain" by Sepultura
  • Mechanical Rhythm” from Xenoblade Chronicles OST (actually, I discovered this song through Super Smash Bros for 3DS!)
  • "That Person’s Name Is (Asterisk Boss Battle Theme)" from Bravely Default OST (Violins + Speed Metal!!)
  • "Spark Man Stage" from Mega Man 3 OST
  • "Angel Witch" by Angel Witch (from the album Angel Witch, written & produced by Angel Witch for the fans of Angel Witch…)


This brings my Playlist total to 149. What would make for an epic song to add as song #150? Give me suggestions!! Remember - I’m only adding 1 song per artist OR per game (excluding titles like Super Smash Bros, as their songs come from many games).



Link’s Mario Kart bike is baller AF ⊟

Dubbed “The Master Cycle”, the bike will be one of the new vehicles included in the Mario Kart 8 DLC pack releasing next month. That $8 pack will include three characters (Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, and Link), four Vehicles (Blue Falcon cart!), and eight courses (including an F-Zero stage!).

The Animal Crossing karts and characters will release with the second Mario Kart 8 DLC pack coming out in May 2015.

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